If you don’t know where you stand, how can you begin to get better? Benchmarks reveal what’s really important to consumers, where your brand falls behind the competition, and where you should focus your efforts to move up. SMG leads the industry with 3 best-in-class benchmarks.


Core Survey Benchmark

SMG’s core survey benchmark houses billions of data points—spanning categories, regions, and consumer demographics. By using this database to see how you rank on different measures compared to the industry average and compared to others in your category, you stand to gain a clear picture of where you are and what you’re up against.


Text Benchmark

To give you much-needed perspective on customer comments, we provide a text benchmark on the data behind customers’ open-ended comments. After using text analytics to make the qualitative data quantitative, our text benchmark lets you see what customers are mentioning as well as the sentiment behind their words, and how that compares to others in your industry.


BrandGeek's Branded Benchmarks

SMG’s customized market intelligence tool BrandGeek® takes the blindfolds off the benchmarks—providing real-time branded benchmarks that give you the dynamic info you need to top your competitors. With just a few clicks, you can sort the data to get insights based on demographics, regions, or time of visit. And, you can learn what motivates consumers so you can see exactly where you stand among your competitors.

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Put performance in perspective with three best-in-class benchmarks

It's difficult to guide improvements and lead your industry when you don't understand how customers rank you relative to the competition. Populated with billions of data points, SMG's core survey, text, and branded benchmarks are the most robust and comprehensive in the industry, allowing you to compare across your most important performance indicators.

SMG's three industry-leading benchmarks allow brands to:

  • Understand + track performance over time at the brand + location levels
  • See what customers are mentioning + break down open-ended comment sentiment
  • Get to faster insights + better business decisions with BrandGeek—our market intelligence tool