Foundational Insights

We’ve been rolling up our sleeves to dig into the data with our clients since 1991. Because, believe it or not, data won’t do anything by itself. To see real improvement, you need to do something with that data. Our foundational insights are all about understanding how you’re doing today so you can see exactly how to get better tomorrow.


Answers to Crucial Questions

With The Service Profit Chain as our strategic research model, SMG’s foundational insights answer our clients’ most important questions. Things like: What drives customer loyalty? How are we performing over time? Which locations are my best and worst performers? Are we effective at service recovery? Because when you have answers to questions like these, you can start to really make a difference in your business.


Putting Those Answers to Work

Clients are able to immediately see what’s most important to their customers and where they should focus to see the biggest improvements. And once you have an understanding of current performance, you can start taking steps to address areas that need help. We typically deliver our foundational insights on a quarterly basis. So you always have a clear picture of where you are and where you’re going.


Starting with What's Key

Determining the most important features—or key drivers—of the customer experience is one of the most critical analyses for any CX program, because it leads to the most meaningful improvements. That’s why our foundational insights start with a key driver analysis. So you always know which elements of the customer experience—if improved—will have the biggest positive impact on CX measures and loyalty.

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Do you know what your customers want?

There’s a lot of potential business riding on every customer interaction. When you have a proven way to determine which aspects of the customer experience matter most, you can streamline your improvement initiatives and make sure your program is built to drive customer loyalty.

An effective key driver analysis technique enables you to:

  • Understand the relationship of highly correlated CX measures
  • Distill big data into intuitive insights for non-technical audiences
  • Prioritize improvement efforts to amplify program impact