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Online Reporting System

Current client reporting system can be accessed here.


In a world of big data, we're a big deal. In fact, we're building one of the deepest data lakes in the omnichannel space, filling it with new and innovative technologies. How do we do it? Our research teams and our tech teams sit and work side-by-side, continuously advancing our own capabilities and skill sets. We consider the role of technology in all of our decisions, ensuring "that's so cool" is also "that's so useful."


Data in. Data out. Day in and day out. At the risk of sounding redundant (because our systems are), trust SMG to keep your surveys and reporting tools up, running, and available.

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Use your data when you need to and how you want to. With exceptional uptime reliability and our open architecture, you always have a clear picture of the right here, right now.

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We thrive on change. Our passion for innovation leads to configurable technologies that can be quickly deployed to meet specific client needs.

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Put worries about hackers and fraud to rest knowing your data is safe and secure. We deploy technology that monitors for valid usage, looks at the quality of data, and protects against denial of service attacks.

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If you don't think technology and creativity go hand—in—hand, let SMG change your mind. Our tech gurus live and breathe for the chance to create the latest and greatest. They fill their heads-and their days- with ideas in database, infrastructure technologies, native app visualizations, and anti-legacy software.

We believe innovation can be applied to almost anything. From the "Big I" of patent and awards (we've got them) to the "little i" of the small details that make a lasting impact, we celebrate all of our proprietary cutting-edge advancements. We revel in our well-earned reputation as an agile, quick, and lean software factory. We apply world-class technologies to data science to create our own configurable platform. We consult our road maps to forecast technology developments and ensure all actions lead to realizing short- and long-term goals.

Reporting + Analytics

Real-time and role-based. Configurable and cohesive. Mobile optimization and an integrated reporting app. Our decades of experience ensure we deliver the most valuable information to the right people in the best way to drive change and enhance your business.

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