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You can’t have the kind of innovative, patent-worthy technology that attracts top talent from the nation’s leading institutions and Fortune 500 companies without having a high-powered infrastructure behind it all. Ours is optimized for performance, accessibility, flexibility, and security. To us, these attributes are non-negotiable. And our focus on them sets us apart from the rest.



When you consume as much data as us, your data warehouse is critical. That’s why we use a mix of open source and enterprise solutions to ingest, process, and store data in our data lakes. And our clients can expect nothing but the best performance. We’ve built our platforms to manage massive data sets and handle thousands of concurrent users logging in or taking our surveys. We operate with unparalleled speed, scalability, and efficiency.



You need to know you can access your data any time, anywhere. At SMG, we’re continually evaluating uptime, even running fictitious users through our systems every few minutes—just to ensure everything runs smoothly for your users. And to make it easy to access other datasets, our open architecture allows easy export and import of any data type you can think of. We’ve never met a dataset we didn’t like.



We get it: you’re individuals with unique challenges and singular goals. Which is why we built our systems to be highly flexible—so they can be easily and quickly configured to your needs. Whether that means using APIs to connect to new datasets, switching cards on the reporting dashboard for a new user group, or updating the survey to reflect recent promotions—we’re equipped to handle all of it.



Data security is important to us, and it’s important to our clients. Every bit of data we collect and process is stored in a highly secure environment—taking advantage of industry-leading technologies like intra-site redundancy, automated failover service, tier 4 data centers, duplicate server farms, encryption, and biometrics-based access. We’ve invested heavily in an air-tight infrastructure that keeps our data secure—so you never have to think about it.



It isn’t up for debate. Data privacy controls are absolutely table stakes. SMG complies with GDPR legislation by updating privacy policies, implementing a subject access request process, conducting DPIAs, and ensuring legal basis for processing with all EU clients. All data—including customer opt-in PII such as emails, addresses, and phone numbers—is stored in highly secure SMG databases. We’re also certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework.

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