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customer experience
Customer Experience

Your customers are talking and we speak their language. We know the right questions to ask and the best way to deliver actionable insights that help you impact the conversation.

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brand research
Brand Research

What customers think and how they act can be different. That's why we track pre-purchase, purchase, and even non-purchase behavior against your brand and your competition.

employee engagement
Employee Engagement

Your customer experience is tied to your employee experience. We have the tools that uncover the heart of your organization, decreasing turnover and increasing sales performance.



We make your business our business. We connect what matters to your customers with what matters to you, understanding the unique behavior motivators and operational demands of your industry.

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The smg360 Reporting App
When your front line is hustling, your data access needs to keep pace. Introducing the next generation smg360® app, designed to keep your team on track and identify performance issues at-a-glance. One-click access allows unit and field managers to get the data they need when and where they need it and helps department leaders and executives make more informed decisions. Available for phone and tablet, the smg360 app delivers real-time information for real-time action. It's not just a player in the industry; it's a whole new game.
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From Our Blog

SMG’s new text analytics technology helps brands turn qualitative feedback into quantitative insights

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Service Management Group (SMG), a global customer experience and employee engagement measurement partner to more than 500 brands, is launching a phased rollout of enhanced text analytics technology. Combining industry-leading accuracy and robust reporting, SMG’s text analytics technology helps brands turn open-ended feedback into next-level insights.

This month, SMG is introducing several new key enhancements to advance functionality and usability in its text analytics technology:

  • Multi-source reporting – This new reporting capability allows brands to collect and holistically view open-ended customer feedback across all customer touchpoints—including surveys, social media and third-party comments
  • Unlimited real-time data – With a myriad of feedback channels, instant access to cross-functional, open-ended data is key for program evaluation and adding critical context to quantitative datasets
  • Advanced filters – Clients are able to drill into their brand experience data by source, sentiment, themes, categories, products and more
  • Elasticsearch –The industry’s fastest, most sophisticated search technology enables brands to mine customer comments and quickly access the most relevant feedback


Available in the smg360® reporting website and award-winning mobile app, SMG’s text analytics allows users to integrate cross-channel comments in a single, holistic report. From there, SMG’s advanced-degree researchers and client insights teams use text analytics alongside other datasets to dig deeper, uncover meaningful context and help brands address complex issues.

“In the digital age, data is constantly flowing in, and without a good text analytics solution in place, brands don’t stand a chance of keeping up with customer feedback,” said SMG Chief Product and Technology Officer Dennis Ehrich. “Our new text analytics technology equips clients with a sophisticated engine in combination with intuitive reporting and advanced research capabilities,” added Ehrich.

In conjunction with a significant investment in data science and machine learning, SMG has introduced a strategic roadmap to advance accuracy and accomplish tasks that have historically required human effort. The technology will leverage more than 250 million phrases across industry-specific libraries to train the text analytics engine to look for relevant categories and terms. Future enhancements will include augmented analytics, whereby SMG data scientists use complex algorithms to guide machine training to classify sentiment while continually improving accuracy through crowd-sourced user feedback and machine learning.

To learn more about how the right text analytics technology makes it easier to understand what customers really want, download SMG’s text analytics guide for CX pros.

About Service Management Group

Service Management Group (SMG) partners with more than 500 brands around the globe to create better customer and employee experiences, which drive loyalty and performance. SMG uniquely combines technology and insights to help clients listen better, act faster, and outperform the competition. Strategic solutions include omniCXTM, Brand Research, and Employee Engagement. SMG evaluates 250 million surveys annually, across 130 countries. To learn more about SMG, visit www.smg.com or call 1-800-764-0439.


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